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These pages are intended as a reference for GRTS students, counselors, other automotive instructors and parents. My hope for the future is to have the entire curriculum and reference material available via the web. Please watch for more links at left as pages are developed!

My hope is to develop this site into a resource for other automotive instructors who wish to share curriculum, PowerPoints, lab sheets and ideas.

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  • Auto Tech Tube project is underway. This project is just a fancy links page that instructors and industry partners can link up web assets like videos, power points or any other student learning  tools and organize in a logical manner. The Idea is to create a one stop place students and find help or explore ahead of their instructors.  Icon on the right side of of this page will get you Auto Tech Tube. Contributors will need to sign up to be given rights to help set links.
  •  Auto Tech Instructors should sign up to teachertube.com . This site looks to me a excellent way to share task oriented videos and is free.Youtube.com also has some good flicks but some schools have it blocked. I still use it because most students can access it from home and both will host instructor videos for Free. Teachertube is a little harder to post to our blog but you don’t need  worry about inappropriate content getting posted.
  • AST Moodle is just about ready for this year students to use. Upon completion of this project student will be able to read text, view power points, Listen to or download mp3s of the text and watch related videos. Then , students will be able to take quizzes and test online from home and their sending school. We think this could triple the amount of shop time we get to spend with the student.

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